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The definition of mobile phone camera pixel = basic knowledge analysis

Needless to say, nowadays, photography has become one of the most important functions of mobile phones, as well as an important factor for consumers to buy mobile phones. Even to some extent, mobile phones have replaced professional cameras, becoming the most important shooting tool in our daily life.

"XXX pixels and XXX sensor, XXX lens, XXX aperture, when faced with these crazy shouting the camera as a selling point, not in the camera for ordinary consumers, many people began to become vacant, only do addition and subtraction algorithm, seems to be the highest is the best, the real meaning and on these parameters represent, but do not know.

Pixel clarity

Composition of mobile phone camera

First, let's take a look at the composition of mobile phone cameras. Note that, although we will call the "mobile phone camera" or "mobile phone camera", but in fact, the components and working principle of it and the traditional digital camera is just smaller, so the mobile phone digital camera "in the title is not complete, formal

Pixel = first picture clarity
Mobile phone camera
"Pixel" seems to be the camera parameters we are most familiar with, in the understanding of a mobile phone camera, should first see is "XXX megapixel", most manufacturers will take it as the most important propaganda point, then the pixel of what it means?
"Pixel" refers to the smallest unit of photographic camera sensor, we usually say "XXX megapixel" actually refers to the resolution of the camera, the numerical value mainly by pixels in the camera sensor (i.e., the minimum number of decisions, such as the photosensitive unit) 5 million pixel means 5 million pixel sensor the number of pixels, and mobile phone screen decision screen is 720p or 1080p resolution is a truth.

Pixel = second picture clarity
Pixel simulation diagram on sensor
Pixels determine the quality of photos?
People usually think that the higher the camera pixels, the more clear the photos, but in fact, this is one-sided. The pixel of a camera is the only one that determines the resolution of the image taken, and the higher the resolution of the picture, the larger the size of the picture, and it doesn't mean the picture is clearer.
Excluding other factors, 13 million pixel camera and 8 million pixel camera captured images, presented on a computer screen is different size and clarity is almost no difference.
The difference is, view pictures on the mobile phone, the screen will normally be two picture zoom to the same size, the 13 million pixel camera image will have a higher pixel density (the number of pixels per inch screen have), in theory, higher resolution, more detailed picture.
But the current mainstream mobile phone screen is 1080p level (1920 x 1080 pixels), whether it is 4208 x 3120 pixels 13 million pixels of the camera photos, or 8 million pixel camera 3200 x 2400 pixel photos, are beyond the scope of the 1080p screen, eventually to 1920 x 1080 pixel display, so the naked eye can see the definition is no difference.
So where is the advantage of high pixels?
As noted above, a higher pixel camera picture size bigger, if we want to print out the proofs, in a conventional 300 pixels / inch print standard to calculate, 4208 x 3120 pixel sample 13 million pixel camera shot, can print 17 inch photos, and 8 million like 3200 x 2400 pixels the sample pixel camera, print more than 13 inches of photographs began to blur. Obviously, the size of the 13 million pixel camera can be printed larger.
In a word, pixels cannot determine the quality of photos, or pixels are not the only factor that determines the quality of the photos. In the computer, mobile phone screen and other main viewing path, 13 million pixel camera, 8 million pixel phase or higher 16 million pixels, 20 million 700 thousand pixels photos of clarity performance is no difference.
So, if your mobile phone needs only daily record and share, then the market mainstream thousand yuan mobile phone equipped with 8 million pixel and the 13 million pixel camera, can fully meet the requirements of your picture clarity, and no need to follow the pursuit of higher pixel number.

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